Appeal to the Prime Minister of India

R Pushpakumar
Pallippuram Post 688541
Cherthala, Alappuzha
Kerala, India


Dr Shri Manmohan Singh
Honorable Prime Minister of India
New Delhi

My Dear Prime Minister,

I am a person left paralyzed below waist due to post polio paralysis in the earlier childhood. I can not walk or even stand up. I am from Kerala, working in the accounts division of Kerala State Electricity Board. My office situates five kms away from my home. As I require some special means of transportation, I had been using a scooter (Kinetic Honda) attached with two additional wheels. I drive the vehicle myself comfortably for the last twelve years. My vehicle was registered as ‘Invalid Carriage’ and I was given a driving license denoting my vehicle No on it. As per the license, I can not drive any other vehicle.

As a result of twelve year long riding, my vehicle began to give me troubles due to wear and tear. I have therefore bought a new scooter (Honda Activa) and got attached side wheels similar to that of my old vehicle. The Joint RTO, Cherthala (the Road Transport Officer concerned), when approached for the registration of my new vehicle on 05.07.2007, has denied registration quoting some amendments in Central Motor Vehicles Act in 2002. The amendment disallows me from modifying a vehicle from its original shape and design and I am not getting my new vehicle registered as ‘Invalid Carriage’. But I have no mode of transport other than this vehicle. Further no automobile manufacturers in India supply company-fitted scooter with side wheels or produces an invalid carriage. Contrary to my request, the new vehicle is given registration as ‘Motor Cycle without Gear’. If I drive this vehicle it would be illegal and I will not get any insurance claims. All my attempts to get the vehicle registered as Invalid Carriage are in vain

Sir, my new vehicle is showcased and I am forced to use my twelve year old vehicle which is not in good condition and requiring frequent repairing. While India celebrates 60th year of freedom, I am loosing it.

I would therefore request your good self to issue urgent directions to get my new vehicle registered as Invalid Carriage.

I am praying for mobility,

I am praying for breath,

I am praying for life.

Yours sincerely,

(R Pushpakumar)

29th August 2007